What will it take to unite the world?

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We have been through all sorts of problems(poverty,climate change) at all levels (social, national and international) but we haven’t joined hands yet to address it together. What are the reasons which have prevented us from acting as a community?

I’m going to offer an simpler perspective; the answer is merely time.

As cultures evolve, becoming educated but also experiencing struggles, conflict, and hatred through history, humanity is simply becoming more united – whether we want to be or not. My thoughts are most closely aligned with Lisa L. Watts’s answer – it’s already happening – has been for a few decades now. All side effects of global communication and awareness.

Granted, this is coming from my narrow minded, ethnocentric view of the world as a white, male, American, but if I look at the last 100 years of our cultural history, people have becoming increasingly united because of our experiences of the past. The most recent example to validate this that comes to mind is from a young man who was calling in to a talk radio show last night where they were discussing American politics (Obama), the Trayvon Martin death, and gay marriage. Bear with me, it all comes together. The young man’s perspective was wonderfully refreshing – he started by asking the age of the host. This caller is younger than me and I’m younger than the host. I listen to the show out of interest and amusement, I tend to agree with the position of the host but I don’t care for the biases and sensationalist side the media tends to take on issues. Consider my generation the bridge from one to the other, the young man pointed out something a long the lines of how frustrated his generation is that any of these topics, these issues (as well as abortion, he mentioned, the entertainment and sports industries, and some others), are even talked about in politics. He added (and this is my point), my generation just doesn’t care what color you are or what you choose to do with yourself, and we certainly don’t want politicians or the media reinforcing issues that cause people to hate one another through disagreement.

As I think about what he was saying and the generations of people I’ve experienced in my life, I think it’s brilliant seeing this evolution of humanity.

People 80+, generally, aren’t necessarily racist but they have little problem with it, the people that I’ve known of that age make hate filled comments about people of different races or sexual orientations as if it were natural. Countries matter and orders divide us. They may have many friends of those orientations or nationalities but they accept hatred. Look to the next generation, the generation that really fought for equality in the United States – they’re scarred by hatred because they lived it so prominently in the media, politics, war, etc. Now, they look for hatred, they flame it, they can’t get away from the struggle and indeed have traces of their parents in their blood. This is the generation that now seeds the issues in today’s American politics and the media because though they fought for equality, their lives were literally made of these issues; they were and remain top of mind and almost need to be ever present. Now look to their children, my generation. I’d offer that, and again this is a generalization, for the most part we are blind to differences. I grew up and didn’t care about color, orientation, religion, or other issues that divide us. My parents were of the generation that fought to eliminate those divisions and so we were raise, by and large, without them present. That said, my generation was still witness to it, divisions were still prominently taught and discussed, and so I’m always conscious (cautious) of it. Now look to this young man’s generation or even younger, to my kids. They don’t care. Not in a negative way as though they don’t give a shit; no, to them, the attention hatred gets is ridiculous because it seems to be created by us all. They are blind to divisions and hate the time we waste on them. I don’t even teach my kids about race because what the heck is race anyway?? I’m Irish (which at one time was hated in America) and Swedish but if you go back even further, apparently there is a Spanish and Moorish influence. So does my color mean anything? Does my ethnic origin mean anything to who I am? If it does for my generation, how can it possibly for our children who add other nationalities to their “mix.” Everyone is a completely different color and entitled to whatever beliefs they want to have.

Now, I don’t mean to presume that hatred is gone from America and my experience isn’t meant to suggest as much. Please, look to the changes from generation to generation and I think you can agree that that’s the evolution that happens, that’s what will unite humanity around the world. Time. Time for everyone to get to the same page in our evolution, the page on which those divisions of color, orientation, religion, border, etc. don’t mean anything because in reality, they don’t.



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