Watch This Girl Make a Dolphin Laugh And Speak…Really I Mean It, It’s Pretty Cool!

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Animals are so cute…plain and simple. Watch as this dolphin gets smiles and even a chuckle out of this situation. I guess this girl is the Dolphin Whisperer. Check it out!

A human doing tricks for a dolphin! The full encounter from “Girl makes dolphin laugh”. Enjoy!

Bonnie Anna “MissChief” from FunDipped Productions does some random tumbling and gets the best surprise fan.

Dolphin: I stare at humans all day and I’ve NEVER seen that before! I didn’t know humans could do that! Hey guys! Look what this human is doing!
Other Dolphins: Yeah, whatever.
Dolphin: This is crazy! I love this! Haha! Thanks human! You made my day!



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