VIDEO: For each day they’re together, he gives her a coin. When she read the message in each coin, everything’s too late!

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We’ve seen a lot of great love stories online that taught us a lot of lessons that we will be keeping for the rest of our lives.

Here’s another love story that will surely make you fall in love with the thought of being loved and in love with someone.

In this video, a man asked a woman to spend her whole life with him, but then she refused and she told him that she’s not ready for it yet. The guy asked her to give him 90 days to change her mind and to show her how much he loves her.

Their 90 days were beginning, and each day, they create memories that they’ll treasure forever. Before parting ways, the guy always gives her a coin that’s sealed in a brown paper.

He claims that if the 90 days has ended and her mind hasn’t changed yet, they’ll be using the 9 Dollars to toast and to bid farewell to each other and if her mind changes, they’ll be using the money for their marriage certificate.

However, because of their individual careers, they decided to part ways. She decided to live her dream in Paris when she accidentally saw the coins that her ex-boyfriend gave her.

That’s when she found out that each coin was sealed with a love letter from the man.



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