The True World Revolution Cannot Be Based On Ideologies And Beliefs

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A Worldwide Burst Of Compassion, We Need More Compassion, Less Competition


The True World Revolution


A true revolution cannot be based on ideologies and beliefs, but only on a recognition of the attributes of the heart fused with reason.

The revolutions in the Middle East throughout 2011 were instantly recognised by each other, for example, and soon copied around the world based upon the reasoning of the heart. And when the heart and mind is fused within a vast group of people it can result in an explosion of joy, as if the soul of every individual tries to dance among the crowds. The public officials in ties and business suits may decry these spontaneous uprisings as leaderless or unstructured, but they do not understand that the heart expresses itself inclusively and without structure by its nature.


This is where we can observe the acute differences in worldview between the old consciousness and the new. And this is why it is imperative that we listen to and side with the voices of the youth, wherever they can be found with their banners and tents sleeping in the middle of city squares. A youth that is asking for freedom from all the isms that symbolise the past. A youth that is born equipped to envision the one humanity freed from limiting ideologies and beliefs, where complacency is transmuted into right action that is free from fear.


Indeed a youth that should be considered a great ally to the principle of sharing, because commercialisation hates the unconditioned minds that threaten its stranglehold on society, while the conservative powers in governments fear the idealistic youth who threaten to batter down their isms. We may think that the youth of today are somehow special or unique in how they express a newfound dynamism and energy, but remember that the youth have always been this way – the only difference is that now their time has come as the old structures are falling apart, and a new world is slowly being born. This is the definitive moment in history that the youth have awaited for many thousands of years.


Now is the time for every young person to come together and demonstrate across the world, determinedly refusing to conform to a society that offers them no voice or even hope. They should also seize upon Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and reclaim its stipulations as a law of the will of the people. Right now that sacrosanct Declaration is lying dormant, and it should be resurrected by the public to whom it has always belonged. Most especially it should become the Declaration of the youth, for they are the ones who can take it back into the public arena of the world. Any revolution needs a slogan, and the true revolutions of today should adopt Article 25 as their all-inclusive motto, goal and vision.


It is then up to governments to structure the visionary aspirations of the youth, and render this presiding law of the people into the law of nations. First of all, a united voice of the public has to clear all the reactionary forces from governments, and then put into seats of power wise, ordinary men and women who are tuned with the people’s voice, who are moving with the public’s demonstrations, and who are speaking on behalf of all the human race.

This fresh blood in governments will know precisely how to give structure to the public’s demands for justice and freedom, and will make sure that the visionary aspirations of the youth are guided along the right path.


To Be Continued  

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