Adopted Woman Searches 15 Years for Birth Mom, Only to Discover They’re Coworkers

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Jenny Thomas, of Rochester, NY, has known she was adopted for the past 36 years. Thomas, 40, has been intently searching for her mother for 15 of those years, but never managed to find her. All she knew was that … Continued

Her Parents Hid A Secret In a Wall…..7 Years Later, She Finds it!

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Treasure hunts are something that we all dream about doing as a child. Unfortunately, they’re generally only found in movies like Goonies or Indiana Jones. Expecting parents decided to give their child-to-be the childhood fantasy they always wanted as children. … Continued

Florida Senate Passes Bill Allowing Churches to Refuse to Marry Same-Sex Couples

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The Florida state Senate passed a bill that, if signed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott, would protect churches from being forced to marry same-sex couples. CBN News reports that the bill would take effect July 1 if Gov. Scott signs … Continued

How These Missionaries Of Charity Nuns Was Killed In Yemen

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After a recent attack at a Missionaries of Charity convent in Yemen claimed the lives of four of the sisters there, the bishop overseeing the area said he has no doubt they died as martyrs. “For me there is no … Continued

Queen Elizabeth Calls Jesus Christ ‘the King She Serves’ in 90th Birthday Book

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II visits Malta Racing Club at Marsa racecourse near Valletta, Malta, November 28, 2015. Malta hosts the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting until Sunday. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II reflects on Jesus’ central role in her life in … Continued

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