Watch What happens when Little Girl Blows LION A kiss At The Zoo

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As a little girl, lions are seen as something wild and amazing. This little girl shares her love by blowing a kiss to the enormous animal through the glass. When the kiss is blown, you’ll never believe the lions reaction! … Continued

Florida Senate Passes Bill Allowing Churches to Refuse to Marry Same-Sex Couples

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The Florida state Senate passed a bill that, if signed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott, would protect churches from being forced to marry same-sex couples. CBN News reports that the bill would take effect July 1 if Gov. Scott signs … Continued

Queen Elizabeth Calls Jesus Christ ‘the King She Serves’ in 90th Birthday Book

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II visits Malta Racing Club at Marsa racecourse near Valletta, Malta, November 28, 2015. Malta hosts the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting until Sunday. Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II reflects on Jesus’ central role in her life in … Continued

For Years She Thought It Was Just A Mole. Then Her Doctor Informs It Isn’t. What She Yanks Out? Omg!

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Our hands, feet, nose and ears become bigger as we age, and apparently our blackheads increase in size too. A 85-year-old woman recently visited Dr. Sandra Lee to check a blackhead on her back. When Dr. Lee saw the blackhead, … Continued

Touching Video: Watch These Deaf Kids Use Sign Language to Pray Before Eating

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Deaf Children Pray In Sign Language—Nothing Can Shut A Worshiper! Although deaf people might have a difficult time communicating with others using spoken language, sign language has enabled them to “speak” out. There are many different kinds of sign language … Continued

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