Prayers Christ Expects Every Christains To Pray

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“What I say to you all I say to all.” These Scripture clears the arguments of Christ words being applicable only to the people of his time or His immediate disciples.

That being that,as we all know, Prayer they say, ‘is the master key’; an expression of the soul in harmony with the spirit and heart of the believer. Important as it is, prayers have principles (Prerequisite of receiving answers) just as nature have it’s own principles guiding it, but this is not the focused of this article and as such we will endure to go into what brings up this article “Prayers every christains should pray”.And listed below are prayers that fells in the list:


#1. Praying For Ones Persecutors: As much as this sounds practically impossible it is a command from the Almighty that comes in this way “But I say unto you….’pray for those who persecute you.’” Wish I can take you all into the immeasurable beauty and richness of praying for ones persecutors but like I said we have a focus here.Notwithstanding, If God wills and as His grace endures I shall write on it. So in praying never pray against thy persecutors and enemy.


#2. Praying For More Labourers: “The harvest is plentiful ,but the labourers are few” Pray then said Christ, “that the Lord of the harvest send out labourers into his harvest”.This is the prayer God wants you to pray whenever you come into His presence.


#3. That Yee May Not Enter Into Temptation: The power of this prayer cannot be under emphasized.It is in itself self explanatory; a prayer of trust,of need resulting in exponential growth in Faith. I adjure you to pray this prayer for yourself, children and families.


#4. Strength To Escape The Hour Of Tribulation: “But watch at all time,praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that will take place.” Perhaps you are yet to know brother the tribulation is taking place soon before Christ will come( When I say soon I mean soon) and you need strength to escape these things because it is an event that has never occurred before.When Christ says “Praying” you can see the looming destruction ahead. Pray my friend for yourself, your family and children.


#5. To Stand Before Christ When He Comes: “Praying that you may…….and to stand before the Son of man” When Christ comes many will have denied Christ because of families and children, because of right to buy and sell. Your prayer should be Let me stand before thee blameless O Christ; Pray this prayer for your husband, yourself and your children.


“Ask and Yee shall receive” No surer promise than this.



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