A MUST READ: A Letter From Son To His Father; Say No To Gay Marriage

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Dear Dad;

I’ve been longing for this moment, to tell you about certain things going on in my life.

You see, there is this new female student that just joined my class. She is biracial. Her mum is from Pakistan while her dad is American. They moved back home from Pakistan because of terrorism. Had they followed America on twitter, they may have decided otherwise.

For some funny reason, my head teacher decided to pair us up. My assignment now is to bring her up to speed on happenings around here as she is a stranger. She has a lot to learn about our culture dad.

She sits right by my side in class. We spend lots and lots of time together daddy. But it’s mainly academics. I help her a lot with English language. She has a dominant Pakistani accent so she sounds a lot like Malala when she speaks English. It is pleasing to the ears dad.

She is very smart. I think she is better at Maths than you are. She doesn’t commit those little errors you do when treating my assignments.

She is just as tall as I am. Her voice is as tender and as soothing as light jazz. When she speaks, I fall into a trance where I feel I can do or be anything. Her skin is light and flawless without a trace of a blemish. Eyes like a crystal ball, I see visions of a bright future when I look into it.

I can’t seem to concentrate anymore when I’m in class dad. I find myself daydreaming about her and our life together.

She has a pointed nose and lips like sugar. The other day she caught me staring at her and she told me that the best things in life are free.

I know I shouldn’t be talking about these things at my age dad, but her projections are perfect on both sides. I haven’t seen any figure so perfectly symmetric in my lifetime.

She walks like Naomi Campbell on the runway. When she steps into the class, there is always this momentary silence. When it happened the first day, I thought it coincided with the passing of an angel. Then it happened the second, the third, the fourth and every time until I realized that she was the angel that was passing.

With all these assets, you may imagine a proud and cocky personality, but not so with her dad. She is incredibly polite, courteous and down to earth. She gets along with everybody in class, from the geeks to the dullards. She acts like some kind of arabian princess born and raised in a palace. I count myself lucky to have met her dad. I think this is God’s way of repaying me for all the good that I have done in this world.

The most exciting part about all of this is that I think she likes me. I don’t know it for a fact but just the thought of a possibility makes me starch and iron my clothes, polish my shoes, steal your Chanel perfume and visit the barbershop every weekend so that I can smell and look my best for her.

The other evening, we went to see “The fault in our stars” in the cinema at her request. Truth be told, I was very shy and uneasy as this was my first date. The temperature was getting very low in the room and I was beginning to freeze. I was worried about her as she was dressed in a light spaghetti top and thankfully she wore jean trousers. We should have dressed for winter, I thought. Ice was forming on my body and I imagined her in my arms but I didn’t have the courage to make the proposition.

Then I heard, “Antwone, can you hold me? I’m freezing”. I thought I was hallucinating for a minute until she said it a second time. By this time she had pulled up the arm rest, put her hand around my waist and her head on my chest, holding me like her life depended on it. At this very moment, I was in the third heavens. I lost every sense of coherence and coordination. My head was spinning like a carousel. I want to stay here and build a tabernacle; this is the best I have ever had, I said to myself.

I put my hands over her back with my jaw on the surface of her dark, smooth hair and stayed still till the end of the movie. It was a beautiful love story by the way.

We left the cinema holding hands, cracking jokes and staring at each other.

I think I am in love dad. I have never felt this way before in my entire life and I want it to stay that way.

I escorted her to a dark corner just by the side of her house and she kissed me on the side of my face with the parting words “if loving you was a sin, then I will gladly go to hell”.

By this time, I was floating weightlessly in space with a priceless view of the stars, the milky-ways and the galaxies.

It was a heavenly feeling dad, and words fail to describe it.

The thing is, this whole encounter got me thinking about you dad and I have only one question to ask.

Did you feel this way about your husband Steven?

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